Airline Pilot Academy – Training Excellence

We have a strong culture at the Airline Pilot Academy and set out to achieve excellence in Pilot Training.

We have a very flat hierarchy, eliminating unnecessary layers of management. But above all, it allows us to become very responsive to our customers’ needs and tailor our training to the individual.

Whether you are an aspiring Airline Pilot or Senior Airline Executive we look forward to having a conversation with you about how we can work with you to exceed your expectations.

Our values underpin our cause and are part of who we are as a company and individuals:

Plane BulletSafety  – At APA safety comes first in everything we do. APA is committed to developing an open safety culture that promotes open reporting.

Plane BulletQuality – Quality is an expression of our goal to offer excellent training standards. We focus on delivering the highest standards in all aspects of our operation.

Plane BulletCustomer Focus – At APA we listen to our customers and are responsive to their needs. APA is passionate about people and strives to create a friendly and positive customer experience.

Plane BulletIntegrity – APA aims to be honest and inspiring by saying what we mean and taking responsibility for our actions.