The APA Integrated course takes students with little or no previous flying experience to a Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) with a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR) referred to as the ‘frozen’ ATPL. The course also includes a Multi Crew Co-operation (MCC) course, which is required to proceed to Type Rating.  Once type training has been completed, pilots can be employed as a First Officer with an airline. Graduate pilots with a ‘frozen’ ATPL are free to train to any aircraft type and to fly for any airline that will accept their national license. Most airlines will initially assign new First Officers to “short haul” fleets so they can build experience in the more demanding departure and approach phases of flight. Once an ATPL holder has gained 1,500 hours experience, the ATPL becomes ‘unfrozen’ and they are then eligible to be considered for promotion. The course lasts for approx. 70 weeks.

Entry Requirements


icon-eye CLASS 1 MEDICAL



We  expect a minimum of 5 good GCSE A-C passes, including Maths, English and a relevant science or a European equivalent. Pilot aptitude testing will be conducted prior to any course commencement.

Elite Integrated ATPL

Key Characteristics:

  • Small Class Sizes
  • Premium Training Guarantee
  • Airline Focused training from day 1
  • Integrated Ground and Flight Training
  • Airline Fundamentals Training integrated into the programme taught by highly experienced pilots
  • All Multi Engine Training completed in UK
  • Upset Recovery Training taught in aircraft and Jet Simulators
  • Competency Based MCC & JOC Training delivered on A320 & B737 Simulators

Course Structure:

icon-noteicon-plainATPL Core Training Core Training is conducted at our airline training centre in Bournemouth. This phase alternates between ATPL ground training and single-engine flying sessions. At the end of this training block, all written ATPL exams will have been passed. icon-plainATPL Intermediate Training Intermediate Training is conducted at our partner training centre at the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)  in Melbourne, Florida, USA. This phase covers navigation single-engine flight training. icon-plainicon-screenATPL Advanced Training I Advanced Training I is conducted at our airline training centre in Bournemouth. This phase covers multi-engine training in an all weather IFR environment. icon-screenATPL Advanced Training II Advanced Training II is conducted at our partner training centre in Utrecht, Netherlands. This phase covers MCC & JOC competency based training on B737 & A320 Simulators.

ATPL Application



Graduates of The Airline Pilot Academy’s course are issued with the Frozen Air Transport Pilots Licence (A) The price of the course is £79,875.00 this price includes VAT, all training, accommodation and transport costs.  Download PDF. 



Plane-Bullet-Small-GreyAny failure due to aptitude will have all training fees* refunded. Plane-Bullet-Small-GreyElite Training Guarantee covers all Theoretical knowledge phases and phases 1& 2 of Flight Training. Plane-Bullet-Small-GreyAdditional training** in flight training phases 1 & 2 will also be covered by the Guarantee. Plane-Bullet-Small-GreyTherefore the guarantee covers all Theoretical Knowledge Training and 132hrs of Flight Training. Plane-Bullet-Small-GreyTo qualify for the Elite Training Guarantee you must have completed the Airline Pilot Academy selection process. *covers training fees only e.g. instructor costs and aircraft hire. ** 2 additional hours in each phase (4hrs in total).